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Please report any errors if an error is found  a new copy we made available for download - All copies purchased now will go to finish the final version - The object of the game is simple below is the rules as they are not currently attached to the game at the moment

Easy Medium and Hard determine how many extra play boxes you receive 

Extra play boxes are outlined white and can have a domino placed in them at anytime

The field boxes to the the left have two requirements

1. You must have the double domino placed first

2. When placing any other domino it must touch another domino on one of it's four sides

To win simply get all the dominoes on to the playing field

It seems easy but it is harder than it looks - In the final version there will be different board variations and powerups

My son when he was only 4 helped me come up with the idea - He was playing with our dominoes and had managed to lay them out on the floor in the current field pattern after that and several versions later Bone Solitaire was born


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